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Developing Solutions Require something more extensive or unique than a template and currently available features? We offer world class website, graphics, and app design and development solutions.Contact us with your ideas and we'll work with you to make it happen.

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Graphic Design

From breathtaking business logos to dazzling digital images, our in-house design services ensures consistent branding identity both on and offline. The power to bring people into your future is literally a click away. With a dramatic, interesting website you can attract all the business you need. It takes only a few seconds for people to form a first impression. The visual imagery and language you use is vital to that process. Our designers care about their work and how they present your company. If you look good, we look good. Few people understand the power of art and image. Contact us today schedule an appointment.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization gives more people the opportunity to find your website when they type in their search words. The idea is to match keywords people use in their search to keywords you use in the content of your website. That's what brings the two of you together. SEO involves editing not just the code, but also the content of your site to increase the number of relevant hits from search engines. With search engine optimization (SEO), Silver Dolphin Solutions can increase the odds that people will find your Web site when searching on Google, Yahoo or other search engines. We can optimize your site as part of the initial design, or we can optimize after the site is up and running. But the most important SEO comes from you! The ingredients are your product and your message. In other words, you already have some of the tools you need to increase traffic to your site. Call us today to find out how we can help you optimize your site's ranking in search engines and increase your Web presence.

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Custom Apps

We can create unique web-based tools and interfaces for your website, for you as an administrator and for your site visitors to use, too. Application Solutions Standard software doesn't always fit a business' needs. Because every company is unique, applications customized for streamlined operations is a worthwhile investment that result in long term savings.

Here are some examples of custom web-based applications we’ve created for our clients:

-Bee Around Town

-Little Blossoms

-Log Cabin Store

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