Custom Website Design

Let us do it for you! Just Relax. Let us do everything. Schedule a consultation now. What to expect: This consultation is all about you and your vision. What do you want your company to look like, to feel like, to emanate across the web? Brainstorm before our meeting. Find examples you like, find a theme, pick some colors, pick a feeling or an idea you want to project. First, we will discuses options pricing and ideas. Next, let us work our magic and impress you with several rough drafts. Finally, you choose what concepts you like best! We are committed to listening to our customers and creating a personalized, artistic and practical website. Get a custom website designed for you Compare Packages.

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DIY Website Design

Create your own site--Intuitive website composition storefront and features to stand out in the online world, strategically communicating your brand and distinct identity. Millions of transactions are taking place on the Internet every day. For your business to be an active part of these transactions you need a vital web presence and a good image. The image you present will determine how people perceive your business. We want you to be successful.

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Web Developers

Use our open-source CMS to develop your own websites Managers, Creators, Website Developers, Code Entrepreneurs Rejoice! There is now an easier way! The Breeze Website Builder™ can take your business to places it’s never gone before... with our web content management system, editing software, multilingual capability, collaboration platform, social collaboration, plugin modules, web standard upgrades, content visualization, SEO accommodations, an SDK for creating your own plugins, responsive images, sugar CRM leads database plugin, MailChimp newsletter plugin, meta tags, blogs etc. You don’t have to worry about learning some new ridiculous vendor-specific "language", or changing the core files. It organizes coding without limiting or constraining. Sensitive software: great for security and making immediate changes if needed. As our customers’ websites evolve, so does our software. If you have an idea, we can create it! And with our subscription service you get access to the Breeze Wizard™ which allows you to create your site in 3 easy steps. This is the enterprise solution for website CMS. About The Breeze Build your own plugins for creating web apps, or to have plugins to sell to other Breeze Website Builder™ users. You can have your plugin up for sale right here on this page! Click HERE to get the Plugin SDK for FREE!!!

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Product Catalog/Shopping Cart

the Internet offers the unparalleled ability to manage inventory and sell products 24/7. At Silver Dolphin Solutions, we have put together tools for retailers and wholesalers so they can easily sell products online. These tools can be adapted to sell a wide variety of products ranging from, industrial parts, clothing, jewelry, medical supplies, music, lab equipment and art.

We are aware that different businesses require different catalog display systems and different checkout processes. We can also tailor ecommerce solutions from the ground up for a particular business model. Contact us to find out more.

Now you can use the Breeze Website Builder™ to build your catalog pages while using the powerful highly acclaimed OpenCart. You will need to download a copy of the OpenCart to use this plugin. Get this plugin for only $95 today and save yourself countless hours of hacking PHP template files!

Having a good eCommerce Solution is just the beginning. Customers need to easily find your website. For more information check out our search engine optimization and marketing services to drive your sales.

Web Image Maker

easily generate a collection of images and responsive image HTML to make you images responsive to all devices while optimizing page loading times to increase natural search indexing. This plugin is a MUST HAVE for anybody serious about have a website that will look good on desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone!

Portfolio Page Maker (plus Partner Links Page Maker)

Build a slick portfolio for your websites or your paintings in minutes with the Portfolio Page plugin. Or build a link page for your partners/customers with the Partner-Links Page plugin. Or build both with for the same price. Both of these plugins are managed with the same user-friendly console included in this package.

Newsletter Signup

Add a MailChimp® newsletter signup form to the right column of your website in just a few clicks. Includes easy setup and manage console to set the connection to your MailChimp™ account, and manage your lists and merge tags that your form will use. Get this plugin for only $39 today! Contact us about automating your newsletters to pull content off of your website and send to segments of your mailing list based on subscriber preferences and demographics.

Menu Breadcrumbs Generator

Add an elegant breadcrumb band to your website. Breadcrumbs are generated based on your main menu. Band also includes current page and is easily styled in the Breeze Website Builder™ CSS editor.

Customer Relations Management (CRM) Tools

Leads generation. Sales team management. Shared Calendaring and Collaboration Automated Marketing Leads Generation and Tracking Email Campaigns Project and Activity Management Customer Support and Bug/Incident Tracking.

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