Cannot Send Email In Microsoft Outlook

This is your menu bar that you will be working out of.


  1. Select Tools
  2. E-mail Accounts
    • This will open up a window
      with E-mail options and
      Directory options.



  1. Since the account is already
    existing, make sure
    View or change existing e-mail
    is selected.
  2. Select Next


E-mail Accounts window will open.

  1. Double Click on the account that is not sending out emails.


     Internet E-mail Setting (IMAP) will open up.
  1. Select More Settings...


Internet E-mail Settings will open up in a smaller window.



Select Advanced

  • Outgoing server (SMTP) should be set at 25:


  1. Change Outgoing server (SMTP): from 25 to 26
  • Select OK


  1. Select Finish


  1. Once you are back to the main page...
  2. Click your Send and Receive buttton at the top of the page.


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